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Who is Coco The money Bunny?

Join Coco, the money bunny, on her journey to learn about what money is and the best ways to make her money work with her. Coco learns through this journey: the power of earning, spending wisely, saving for a goal, why time is so essential for investing, and most importantly, spreading love and cheer through sharing her money.

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Learn how to save with Coco.

Future Millionaires


Join Coco the Money Bunny on her journey to learn about money. Each last Saturday of the month we will read a chapter of Coco the money bunny book improving both our reading and money literacy.

• Ways to Earn Money
• Spending Money Wisely
• Saving our money for later use
• Growing our money by investing
• Sharing our money
Price: R500 for 5 months.

Price includes a copy of Coco the Money bunny book, Additional Activity Worksheets and a pair of Coco the Money Socks. R50 voucher and assistance in opening a shares account on behalf of minor.


JUNE 2020